I have spent most of my life giving advice, requested or not, to family and friends about what they are wearing. What looked great, what needed work, and what should just be left in the closet! I attended the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design majoring in Fashion. I learned so much about style, design, fabrics, textures, and colour! After I graduated I spent the next four years working in various retail settings. Through these experiences I not only learned about fashion but I also have had the chance to apply that learning. To understand seasonal styles, to put together outfits for various body types, and see that confident glow of a satisfied customer.

After graduating high school I was determined that my career would be in the fashion world. Being obsessed with it as young as 10 years old, I couldn't possibly picture myself doing anything else. Then reality, and by reality I mean student loans and you know being able to buy groceries, set in. Since I am not one to starve for my art, I love my Starbucks and shopping too much, I needed to have a steady job with a pay cheque. Thus began my retail career and my second education on styling. I wouldn't trade those years in retail for anything. For during that time I learned how to practically apply what I had learned and how to put my own spin on the definition of style.  My personality is very blatant and honest. If a customer was wearing something that I thought looked amazing I told them, 

 The same goes for if they were wearing something that did not work at all. This made me very popular with customers who were used to sales associates lying to them just to make a sale. I would assure them that their walking out of the store with a big smile and a confident air was a reflection on me and the store that I worked for. I believe that clothes can really give you confidence and are a great way to express yourself! It has taken me a long time to finally be confident in my skin and sense of style. I believe that everyone should feel strong enough to strut their stuff! Whether they're wearing something right off the runway, or their favourite blanket scarf! That confidence can lead you to do some amazing things!!