Kimonos and Maxi Trench coats

Now for something fun! Let’s discuss kimonos and over pieces. This post is solely dedicated to the easy breezy style of kimonos and Maxi trench coats and vests. These accessories are a great way to channel your inner boho goddess as well as taking your 9-5 look to the next level. they are coming back in a big way this fall, so I’ll split this post into two: Relaxed for spring and summer as well as structured for fall and winter.

Relaxed is an understatement, these kimonos are usually presented almost resembling a scarf and usually have very little to no structure at all. Some of them have fringe on the bottom or unfinished seams to add to the fun. Kimonos can be found pretty much anywhere you would find accessories since they are so versatile. I got my very first one at Dynamite (I know). It was pink with white fringe on the arms and hem. It lands just past my knees and makes me feel like a hippie princess. My next two were finds at American Eagle the summer I had my baby girl. I purchased these ones mostly because I thought they would be helpful when I breast fed in public and when you are recovering from labour and delivery all you want are comfy clothes that you can throw on easily. These ones are a cool cotton material and have a floral print (Normally not my thing,I am a stripes girl, but these work) I got them in navy and burgundy. Since I have a very petite frame I find the best way to wear these kimonos successfully is to apply the KISS rule, keep it simple sweetheart, I will pair them with a basic tee and jeans or a snug fitting maxi or even midi dress. Shorts can work too as long as your comfortable with it appearing like your not wearing any pants from behind, to each his own.


Next up is the new trend of the ‘Maxi’ over piece. I started noticing this trend last year when I was at the end of my pregnancy. It essentially was taking button down shirts and stretching them into dresses that had slits running up both ends to enhance the sexy, or when your pregnant gives you more waddle room. I really want to focus on the maxi trench coats and vests. The difference with these and the kimonos is they have much more structure to them like: shoulder lines, side seams and usually a collar or lapel of some kind. They are also usually stitched in what’s called a princess cut, which means they were sewn together as multiple pieces instead of having one seam in the back. Ive actually just recently tried out my maxi trench coat on date night with the hubby. I wore it over a leather pencil skirt (the post on leather bottoms is coming) a basic tank and a pair of Toms wedges. I was a little worried that I either looked like a flasher or like that chick Allison from Teenage mutant ninja turtles who always had on that yellow trench coat. Either choice not flattering. However once I put it on and walked around the house for a while I got the hubby to take a picture, great trick by the way if you’re not sure how something looks to someone else take a picture. Because lets be honest ladies, our view can get screwed up really easily because what we see in the mirror is not always the truth. I was so happy I took the risk because I’m now obsessed with this trench coat. It doesn’t look flasheresque at all. My next adventure in the maxi trend was a vest which I found at Zara while I was in Halifax. That was my first time shopping in a Zara store and it wont be the last. I loved how original and daring most of the pieces were. I actually surprised myself because I fell in love with a floral print. This vest has flowers and a black sash with matching black lapels. It again looks great with a pair of jeans and basic tee but you can so easily dress it up.

Now for summer pairing these with a light tee and jeans/shorts is great but let’s be honest guys autumn is here! I am seeing leaves on the ground and you cannot deny that chill in the mornings. Starbucks has begun it’s countdown to pumpkin everything, it’s happening people. So unfortunately soon I will be putting away my breezy, fairy princess kimonos and start focusing on my more structured trench coats and vests. However the rules remain the same KISS (keep it simple sweetheart) and do not doubt the sexy of a simple black turtleneck. My experience with turtlenecks was mostly negative in my younger years. They were what my dad insisted I wear because it kept me covered up. Now as an adult I’ve discovered that a black turtleneck is super sexy. Shows off the shape of you while still keeping a few things a secret. together with a pair of jeans and some great boots and you have the staples to build an amazing fall/winter outfit. Having things in your wardrobe that work all year round is a gift and something you should be looking for when you’re adding to your closet.


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