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This week I am writing from the beautiful province of Nova Scotia! My little princess, fur baby and I are here on a getaway to visit the hubby while he works at the hospital. I always love coming to this province especially the city of Halifax. I feel like I can take more fashion risks and explore my fun sense of style. This post is a combination of 2 separate shopping trips over the span of a month.

Our first shopping trip began at my absolute mandatory stop (after Starbucks of course) Better Than Her Boutique. It’s an amazing little store on the second story of the old Mills shopping centre on Spring Garden road in downtown Halifax. The owners name is Courtney Jones and her store has been in business since 2012. if you are interested in learning more about Courtney I suggest you head on over to her website, which features the story of her deciding to take a risk and leave a steady teaching job to pursue her dreams. So inspiring: she goes above and beyond to help me out with my shopping needs and also my baby girl every time I stop in. She actually has a colouring station set up in the corner of the store and also not many places will allow a one year old to ‘redesign’ their displays but Courtney is so relaxed that it makes the whole process of shopping with a child a little bit easier. I was a customer there before I became a mom and it’s so great that I can still stop in and enjoy It with my little one.


When you walk into the store you instantly feel excited by the fun music and totally original jewelry and fashion. My purchases included: a jaw droopingly gorgeous leather, A-line skirt with small eyelet detail. Originally $90.00 and I paid $20.00. SCORE!!! I was in the fitting room trying on this amazing skirt begging it to fit because I didn’t think I could walk away from such a find. Luckily the zipper closed and the skirt was perfect. After my mini happy dance in the fitting room, while my little girl tried to climb up on the bench (sigh), I tried on a little crop top with it and we had a winning outfit. Normally I am not a huge fan of crop tops but I’ve been working out and when you’re a new mom suffering with an identity crisis its important to find what makes you feel like a woman again. I also found a white linen cold shoulder blouse. I’m wearing it today and it is so comfortable. I’ve paired it with distressed boyfriend shorts and little lace up flats. With statement earnings (also found at Better Than her Boutique) it was the perfect outfit for morning errands and coffee run. This afternoon I had a lunch date and decided to switch to a dark wash pair of high rise jeans and a pair of Kate Spade sandals.


When I came back a few weeks later the owner Courtney was wearing the sweetest little vest with Pom Pom tassels that I just HAD to have. I also picked up a ruffled one sleeved sweatshirt and a sweet knotted crop top (I’m really warming up to crop tops). I want to quickly discuss the accessories offered here. The Jewelry is one of a kind costume pieces as well as delicate necklaces and rings. I’ve always bought jewelry there and the quality is fantastic, they last a long time and do not turn anything green. For all you new moms reading this there are also some great finds for your little one too. She sells one of a kind onesies and t-shirts with sayings on them like: ‘I love my daddies’ or ‘Queen Bee’ as well as the onesie my daughter owns that has a pink highchair on it and the wonderful Mean Girls quote: ‘you can’t sit with us’ I loved this so much I bought one for my daughter and a matching t-shirt for my niece. She also has begun to carry maternity clothes! I missed the boat on that one with my first pregnancy but there’s always baby number 2 right? I really encourage anyone in the area to check it out. You’ll be hooked after one visit.


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