Momma’s Night Out

Hope everyone's enjoying this lovely weather even though it has been exceptionally hot out lately, this post is going to be a bit different as I want to discuss something that took me 10 months to achieve, a night off!!! Yes, it took me a total of 10 months home with my baby girl before I got to have a break from: puréed carrots, bath, PJ’s and milk. 10 months before I could stay out past 7pm without messing with baby girl’s schedule. I have to give credit to my amazing husband who took on the bedtime routine that night so I could get this well deserved break.

My chosen outing for this hallowed evening was the uptown of Saint John, more specifically a new shop on King Street called: Lordon. the store stands on its own in the uptown, it’s taken over the old Birks jeweller storefront and transformed it into a sanctuary for any woman looking for something to set her apart in a crowd. It will hit a year in business in August got to love supporting local businesses. They were having their spring launch to showcase all of their new pieces for the impending warm weather and it seemed like something a momma on break could use. Fun new fashion, music, wine (even though I couldn’t partake it was nice to be around drinks that aren't served in a sippy cup) and some fun ladies to spend the time with. A HUGE thanks to the owner Kate and the girls on staff for indulging me that evening.


IMG_0066  IMG_0065  IMG_0067

The music was playing, the fashion was on point and I was ready to shop. My attire for the evening was a cold shoulder t-shirt, high waisted jeans and booties. The big treat of the night was that I got to leave the monstrous diaper bag at home and dusted off my Micheal Kors, there’s nothing that makes me feel like myself then getting to use one of my fabulous purses. I began to fill my arms with tops, dresses and pants, everything was so on trend and the quality was fantastic. I saw lots of ruffles, florals, and super comfy blouses everything a new spring/summer wardrobe needs. The staff was very attentive and added all my items to a dressing room, so I wasn’t stuck lugging things around the store. Not only was there great fashion but they also showcase local finds such as lotions, soaps, fragrances as well as quirky prints and mugs with sayings like: ‘I definitely did not wake up like this.’

I was soon in the dressing room and began my amateur photo shoot: I landed on 2 pieces to take home. A white and black striped t-shirt dress with a v in the back and a fun graphic tank that simply says: blonde. When I'm shopping in a new place I like to keep my purchases on basic pieces to test out the quality of the items and these pieces were slam dunks!! Ive included some pics of my night and I hope theses will inspire my other fashionistas to check this place out. Thanks again to the staff at Lordon. I have found my new favourite place to shop in the city.


IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0069 IMG_0071 IMG_0068 IMG_0070

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