The Cold Shoulder

Hello everyone, Momma’s back!!!! I have been taking a break from ‘Shopping Soulmate’ this past year to get to know my brand new baby girl. Motherhood is the most amazing crazy ride and there have definitely been times these last 12 months when I was holding on for dear life, just praying, that I would survive to the end but mostly it’s been filled with so much joy while I get to know my little princess.

To say that my sense of style has changed is an understatement! After spending almost 6 months in plain leggings/ yoga pants and a t-shirt my inner fashion goddess started to cry for something that made me feel like myself. Enter cold shoulder tops! The fact that I could just throw these shirts on and run out the door while still looking fashionable is my favorite thing about them. Between mommy and me classes, doctors appointments and family visits a momma doesn’t really have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. Of course there have been days when my little one looked much better then I did, which is more important to me anyway, my how things have changed. I am going to split this post into 2, I want to cover how to wear this style both casually and on date night.


I started with the cold shoulder long sleeve t-shirt. I got it from Dynamite’s website (my favorite store, if you have not checked it out you need to!) it was a gorgeous teal color and had thick enough straps on the shoulders to accommodate my over the top nursing bra (seriously though, the size of these bras, unreal) another bonus was that it was long enough to cover the front and back while I was in leggings and as any new momma knows leggings are a staple in the wardrobe. My only grievance with this particular top is that the front V-neck is a little low. I am breastfeeding and sometimes it can be tricky to keep the ‘girls’ contained but eventually I learned to roll with it and lets be honest, when your taking your whole breast out to feed a crying baby, a little cleavage is really no big deal. My second and third additions were from the sweater section. Green again (I know, creature of habit.) and a black one. The first one was purchased at American Eagle and the second one was found on the sale rack in H&M, it’s been a tough winter and its so hard to feel fabulous while you are just focused on staying warm. Which makes these sweaters so much fun! They only go well with jeans or skirts, as they are too short to compliment leggings, which is totally fine.

As far as accessories go with these styles I really find anything works! If I'm just out during the day I usually keep it simple, a small necklace and stud earrings does the trick. That’s mostly because of my baby girl and the fact that she likes to yank on my jewelry.

Date Night:

Now lets discuss something else that’s extremely important to new parents, date night. It took my hubby and I 5 ½ months before we started instituting a regular date night. I will be truthful and say that the first one didn’t go as well as we’d hoped, I was so distracted and obsessed with checking the time every 20 seconds, it does get easier and a lot more fun the more you do it.

Make the outing as much of a treat for yourself as you can, for me, that meant wearing something that I couldn’t easily breastfeed in therefore making it easier to be away from the baby, like, ‘I can’t wait for date night so I can wear this awesome dress.’ My newest addition to my date night wardrobe is this AH-MAZ-ING black dress that I got, once again, at Dynamite during a month long trip to Ottawa with the fam, whole other post coming soon. This dress is the perfect marriage of sexy and simplicity, it’s just a black cotton dress that’s completely off the shoulder and with sleeves that are bell shaped to my elbows. Sits a bit above my knees, which after a long winter may need some help from self tanner to pull off. Put it together with a black suede chocker and some beautiful gladiator inspired high heels courtesy of one of my faves, Jessica Simpson and you have one hot momma. Really its all about finding what makes you feel sexy and pretty again and you're set.

IMG_0061                       IMG_0062                                                   


Ive also acquired this great top that is red and satin and completely off the shoulder with bell sleeves! I love this shirt it’s so comfy and sexy. With this top I leave the necklaces alone, in my opinion I think it looks much better when the neck is left naked. Add some chandelier earrings for a more dramatic effect. I love this top for dinner dates because its loose fitting around my waist therefore I can have some extra servings of my favorite dishes without bloating ruining my look.

I'm still figuring this whole fashionable momma thing out and I'm learning new things every single day about who I am as ‘Mom’. I am so excited to be able to share this new side of me with all of you! Feels so incredible to be posting again and I'm so happy to be back!

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