The LBD for the Growing Baby Bump

Hey there! I know it’s been a long long while since I’ve posted and I apologize for that. My life has been completely flipped on its head lately with my husband and I preparing to be new parents in just 2 ½ short months! I’ve had the same body type for most of my life and it has been a process learning how to dress my body month to month. However, I have found some pieces that I cannot live without as my baby girl grows and grows (yes I am having a girl how exciting right?)

One style staple that I have found works even with a growing tummy is the LBD (Little black Dress). Now every woman is different and when it comes to pregnant women we may not all be comfy in the same thing, so I want to be clear that this is what I am happy in with my baby bump. That being said I have a few pictures of different styles of the LBD, as we know there are thousands and what made them stand out for me is the fit and more importantly the length! I’ll cover both in this post. The pictures I’ve included are dresses from Silver Daisy and Dynamite!

Ok this is one of the first things that I had to apply to my already existing wardrobe once my belly really started to pop! The further out your belly grows the more fabric it’s going to steal from the hem of your dress. Remember that one store where you could just go in grab whatever you wanted and leave without trying it on? Well I hate to break it to you girlfriend but if your expecting a little bundle of joy those days are over! The fitting room is going to be your new best friend. If you are looking for something for a special event you MUST be trying things on to get an idea of how the dress is going to fit you and your baby! A dress that appears to be knee length can turn into a mini skirt real fast and better your discover that in a dressing room than the night of your event! Please take some extra time on your shopping trip to try on your choices.


There is some pressure for pregnant moms to cover up, even if it’s unspoken, and I think we put some of that pressure on ourselves, I mean come on! Your entire body is getting bigger (yes it’s not just the tummy that grows) my chest has gained at lease 2 cup sizes so far and the biggest surprise to me my hips and behind have gotten bigger too! Which changed the overall sizes of the clothes I look at. I also want to maintain an element of sexy when I dress my baby bump, anything to make momma feel fabulous right? That is why I feel like when I go shopping I want to channel my inner Chrissy Teigen!! I love her attitude and sense of style since she announced she was expecting and I feel so empowered when I put something on that still hugs my body and shows off the features both old and new that I’m loving! Nothing feels better when my husband tells me I look sexy baby bump and all.

lbd dress#1With my Shopping Soulmate at our dear friends winter wedding. It's so special to be able to share my pregnancy journey with this fabulous lady. My dress was a fabulous find at Dynamite in Fredericton Regent Mall, NB CA. lbd#2The Groom requested a picture with our baby bumps. I love this dress the fringe added such a playful quality for dancing the night away with some amazing people.    

IMG_3164 IMG_3166 (1) These last 2 dresses can be found at Silver Daisy on King Street in Saint John, NB CA. I loved them both, the top one featured 3/4 length sleeves and an open embroidery knit on the sleeves.  It's great because it was made to be comfy and casual and can be dressed up or down!

The second dress was  a snug sleeveless number with lace straps.  I absolutely LOVED this dress because it had a seem that defined my waistline which is so important no matter what body type you are dressing. Even thought this is a more snug option I found it complimented my new curves and baby bump.  

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