Blanket Scarves

Ok it’s officially time to get cozy ladies!! Those nights are getting chilly out there and our accessories need to match, time to dig out those cozy sweaters, fuzzy boots and Blanket Scarves!! These are so versatile and so comfy cozy and a great way to stay warm on these low temperature nights without sacrificing your outfit entirely.

I got my first blanket scarf last year (I took a lot of new fashion risks last year) I was out Christmas shopping looking for warm and cozy things that I could get my sister. She had just returned from Australia where she had lived for a year and was having a hard time reacclimatizing back to the bitter Canadian winter, it was so bad last year right? I was looking for a blanket scarf to get her and hoping to find one for myself but I was getting a little disappointed because the only choices I had found so far were either poor material or cost way too much money!! I have seen some blanket scarves priced at over 100$ because they are in trend and stores could get away with it, which is ridiculous. Finally I went into Garage and found one that was full and warm and only $30!!!! I immediately bought two! Having a twin sister I have never had an issue with someone wearing the same thing as me, I take it as a compliment. Imitation is the finest form of flattery. As always here are some options on how to style your blanket scarf, my scarf is basic colors it has a light brown base with multi colored plaid, red, green, yellow, blue. I’m hoping my next one will be a bit more fun!

The obvious one:


It's a scarf so go ahead and rock it like a scarf. I love to wear mine up close and fluffy to my chin with my leather jacket since most leather jackets are pretty lightweight it’s a great way to add some warmth to the outfit for those extra biting fall evenings. This outfit is so easily achieved because you want to keep everything else neutral. T-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket, allowing the scarf to be the focal point, now that doesn’t mean you can’t wear any other prints, one thing I love to do is play around with mixing prints, this can be achieved by making sure the prints are in the same colour story, as long as the colours match you are good to go, if your not comfortable then you can just as easily achieve this look with a basic t-shirt. 

The Shawl:


This is such a fun way to wear your scarf!! I do this a lot for coffee dates and it was the perfect mixture of cozy and chic! It’s really simple to achieve, just fold the scarf from corner to corner making a triangle, then just lay is over your shoulders, putting the point of the triangle down your back. Something I love to do is adding a belt around the shawl to cinch in my waist. This look really screams fall!! And the best part you are pretty much wrapped up in a blanket, but its socially acceptable! How perfect is that??

Honestly there are hundreds of ways to tie your blanket scarf! Again I am going to advocate for Pinterest! There are lots of tutorials and surprising ways to tie your scarf. This topic would last a whole month if I told you guys every possible way, but I hope this post will help get your mojo going and inspire you to go out and pick up one of these cozy scarves and start experimenting!!!

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