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It’s starting you guys!!!! The chill in the air, the leaves are turning and it’s finally finally FALL!!!! Please excuse my excitement but this is my favourite season of all time! Which means I get to rock one of my newest styles from the past year, the wide brimmed hat!!  These hats just completely encompass the fall 70’s chic look that is coming back in full force this fall season and for good reason because its absolutely fabulous! I’ve really only gotten into this trend last season, on a shopping excursion with my ‘shopping soul mate’ (I know, I know only time I promise) and I had decided to give this big hat thing a try. Why not right?

Having naturally thick and very curly hair, hats were never really something I could rock with confidence, unless it was a knit toque or a beanie then I wore those like a boss! But as far as the cute fedora trend for summer and the wide brimmed hat for fall/winter I just accepted that was a style I would have to stay away from. I don’t know exactly what changed my mind but it was more than likely my obsession with Pinterest after spending hours on the ‘Women’s fashion’ tab I had seen enough outfit options with the wide brimmed hat and I decided to try it and It was a success! I could actually pull off hats!! Fedoras too! Now I barley leave the house without one of my hats.

The basics:

If you are thinking of giving this fabulous trend a try then I would suggest going with a basic colored hat first, and make sure you find the brim that is right for you, yes there are different options, you could go for a more of a floppy casual style or have the stiffer brim that stays in place. Either way make sure you try on the hat before you buy it not just to figure out what brim style you want but also to make sure the hat fits you the way you are most comfortable. I bought my hats a little bigger because I don’t like my hat being so tight on my head that it leaves that annoying red mark that NEVER goes away!!! So always try before you buy.


I actually have 3 wide brimmed hats in total Brown, Black and Burgundy. My first one was burgundy; bought at a store called ‘Little Burgundy’ it’s a little accessories store in the Halifax Shopping Centre. I had never checked out this store before but I was on a hunt and so far had not been successful, I was really impressed with this store it had a lot of designer labels but the prices were’nt scary enough to send me running out of the store, I love fashion but I don’t believe in breaking the bank. I found my burgundy hat and tried it on and I could hear the trumpets sound! Just kidding. It fit perfectly and to make sure I liked this style I wore my hair natural that day to see if it worked for my curls and it DID! I had to have it! The best part the price tag! Only 25.00!!!! Both my black hat (purchased at le Chateau) and my burgundy hat I only spent 50$! Which for me is very exciting because especially buying a trend in season you can really get ripped off with prices so I was very happy with my finds.

To sum up, when wanting to give this 70’s chic trend a try, try it on, find a few different colors that work because your going to want to have a few options and try to get a deal, again, you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to look fabulous, breaking the bank for your closest is not necessary.

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